Grimms Project

For this project the brief was: You will produce a costume for a specific performer based directly on your designs from DCC214 – Costume Design II. You will need to show consideration for quick changes or multiple performer. You should include various techniques such as creative pattern cutting, soft tailoring and draping.

This unit is an introduction to the independent research, sampling and making that is expected in your third year of the course. You should now be aware of sourcing for fabric/materials, extensive experimentation and attention to finishing off your garments.

For this costume I focussed on the story ‘The Goose Girl at the Spring’ and the character I chose to create was the Prince. I wanted the costume to have a kind of futuristic tone to it, which is why I used silver fabric for the main body of the waistcoat and made the trousers slimline with a cuff matching the waistcoat. I made the sash in a bright blue fabric so that the colours bounced off each other. I felt that the blue also represented royalty in the time period I set it in. I also add a diamond and sapphire broach to the bottom of the sash to emphasise who my character is.