Sleeping Beauty Project

To explore and expand my textile understanding and apply it to my final project. I want to bring disney’s sleeping beauty dress to life but add a modern day twist to the dress, however keeping some of the same aspects of the dress the same so it can easily be identified. What I want to keep the same is the top half of the dress, I want the silhouette of the bodice to be fitted and the sleeves to be off the shoulder. The difference in my design to the original is that I want my sleeves to be puffed and the skirt to be either full length or tea length, as well as having the idea of varying layers of blue and pink or ombré skirt to represent the part in the disney film where the fairies fight over what colour the dress should be. I want this dress to be whimsical, fantasy like, modern. I am still undecided as to if I want this dress to be for dance or theatre. 

I will be looking at books, watching the film and analysing the dress. I will also be looking at different designers who have taken disney princesses as inspiration for their work such as Paolo Sebastian S/S 18, Michael Anthony’s disney designs, aurora by Elie Saab, Kuraudia Co, Alfred Angelo. As well as looking at D23 costumes made by cosplayers and looking at their take. I will also be looking at theatre and dance productions.

I would like to do a workshop in screen printing, laser cutting, sublimation printing and a refresher in corsets as I want the corset to be quite fitted, like the Victorian workshop that we went through. I want to expand my understanding on how to make fabric flowers that I would be able to place onto my costume. I also want the corset to be hidden by the main fabric of the dress that I am making. I will need to look at different ways of finishing off the chiffon layers. I need to think about if I’m using chiffon or tulle net for the skirt, or both for a kind of petticoat that would bulk out the skirt without having all the layers attached to the dress and making it heavier. I will also need to have a look at dress that are made of chiffon to see how they have been finished off and if I could do it a different way. I want to also experiment with different decoration techniques for this dress as I want to expand my knowledge.