Workhouse Project

The brief for this project: The National Trust prides itself in immersive and educational visits for its visitors. The ‘Workhouse Living History’ exposes visitors to the conditions, the feel and the smell of what it would have been like in the 1840s. Through research, investigation and experimentation you are going to bring The Workhouse to life.

You can choose a character who visited, helped with up-keep or delivered to it. Consider the conditions and the purpose of the clothing, class, money, culture and create a character. You will make it fit for a fellow classmate for a walkabout performance and photoshoot within The Workhouse grounds. The Workhouse would also like each group to produce a short presentation for members of the public about the process and research.

My group decided to make a Cordwainer’s costume, as we found this the most interesting character that would have been employed or worked within The Workhouse. We also wanted to make a costume for a male character as we hadn’t made many costumes for men as we thought that it would expand our knowledge of male tailoring.